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LEX Systems Inc. markets library automation products 
Lexwin is an Online Public Access Cataloging System, or OPAC

NEW: Our sample Lexwin creates an online Lexweb in minutes.  Lexweb is free during the one-year sample period, and if you buy a $200 support package in a year, the free-status continues.  See Lexweb and search 44,000 Project Gutenberg records of web-readable books

Lexwin allows users to control an inventory of resources in the way a library controls the searching, circulating, inventory, and other functions useful to its patrons and library staff.  Because it uses library standard MARC records its records are transferrable to other library systems around the world. 

The system connects to major libraries around the world by a standard known as Z39.50, which means that most published books and media resources can be found already catalogued in MARC format.  Local information can be added and the record saved effortlessly to the local database.

The software now freeware,   Institutional users are asked to register for a service package, which entitles them to high-level assistance and the name of their institution (instead of unsupported sample) on the masthead. The basic support package is $200 CDN or equivalent. Please email Lex Systems if you have any problems with the download and install.

Recent new features include automatic backup of your files, linking to website reviewing services (such as Amazon, Chapters-Indigo or Goodreads), through the ISBN number.