Index to Lex help files

Over the years Lex Systems has published and mailed to its customers many tips, troubleshooting solutions, and general library automation procedures.   The older files are still available were consolidated into An old archive help file which is still available, although the articles still relevant are being moved over to the Lex1 database below.  It will primarily benefit the DOS Lexifile users.

A much larger and more current database is available directly from articles posted to our keyword searchable Lex1 Yahoo Mail Group.  You do not have to belong to the group in order to read the messages.  Taken collectively this archive approximates an online manual for the product. 

Here is an index to that group.  Click on any entry to link to that specific message.

Access to group mail.
Accession numbers, using, pro and con 
Alternate database, unable to write to
Alternate database, unable to write to (more)
APP and REM files
Append and Edit to Various Destinations.
Append/edit transfer in Lexwin 
Appended or removed records, backup
Archives, help, searching
Automating a library
Automation basics for small library
Backup of appended or removed records 
Backup procedures
Backup, automatic to network, batch files
Barcode placement 
Barcode printing
Barcode printing
Barcode printing from Lexwin 
Barcodes duplicate elimination 
Barcodes, codabar and textbook circulation management
Barcodes, finding records without
Barcodes, ordering  vs. printing
Barcoding projects : Smart Barcoding vs. dumb
Barcoding projects, organizing
Barcoding projects: Ordering vs. local printing
Batch files to make automatic backup to network 
Breakout database sections 
Cannot find OWL52f.dll when updating.
Cataloging journal articles
Changes in update fee, process
Changing from Lexifile to Lexwin 
Checkin Irregularities
Circ transactions by patron or item 
CIRC  in Lexweb
Circ, items not found, Lexifile old versions.
Circ.log, understanding
Circulation of periodicals
Circulation, setting library hours
Codabar barcodes and textbook circulation management 
Configure new default databases
Configuring Lexifile on network
Copy and paste, Lexwin
Customer Update Version 1.03.382, 1.03.431 
Daily digest, lex1 mail
Database changed, records are missing, strange
Database Disappearance, apparent, troubleshooting
Database edit using word processor 
Database elimination
Database Properties 
Database review and deletion
Database, new database creation
Date-time of record edit
Deleting databases, review and deletion
Deleting unnecessary files
DLL file missing when updating
Downloading programs
Duplicate barcode elimination 
Duplicate list, print 
Edit database using word processor 
EDIT in Lexweb
Edit/Append, choice of file to save to 
Edit/append-transfer in Lexwin 
Edited records not found, troubleshooting 
Editing with mouse click, adding holdings
Eliminating databases
ENTER key needed after barcode transmission 
Excel and Lex
Failure printing overdue notices 
Field number (MARC tag) search by
Field specific searches, finding records without barcodes;
File names in Lex and deleting unnecessary files
Fine payment
GDI failure in Lexwin, failure printing overdue notices 
General Materials Designator (245$h)
Global packing and circ files, etc.
Group mail access
Help archive, searching
History (log) of patron checkouts 
Hold notice problem
Hold placement when there are multiple copies 
Hold, placing with multiple copies
Holdings in Lexwin
Holdings, adding with mouse click
Hourly Loans, Setup in CIRC 
Hours of operation, library
Icon on Start Menu for Lexwin or Lexifile 
Icon on Start Menu for Lexwin or Lexifile 
Import command--Uploading files
Import patron records 
Import, MARC records 
Importing patron data from other programs 
Index file, unable to write to
Index Updates and screensaver in Lexifile 
Indicator editing, printing labels
Input-Import command--Uploading files
Input-import, patron data 
Inventory batch files
Inventory, begin
Inventory, packing before
Item not out message for removed items 
Journal article cataloging (cataloguing)
Label paper margins 
Label printing (updated from October 16, 2003) 
Label printing, editing indicators
Label printing, Lexwin
Labels, Lexwin
Lex and excel 
Lex, origins and philosophy
LEX.EXE not found message in Lexwin 
Lex1, change to daily digest 
Lex1, new file upload
Lexifile configuration on network 
Lexifile printing 
Lexifile upgrade to Lexwin 
Lexifile, support for
Lexweb new developments EDIT & CIRC
Lexweb, operating on YOUR server 
Lexweb, Pricing
Lexwin 1.03.68
Lexwin 1.03.70 
Lexwin 1.03.78
Lexwin and Lexifile relationship 
Lexwin copy and paste
Lexwin global configuration, all network .
Lexwin holding screen
Lexwin label printing
Lexwin users guide
Lexwin version 1.03.63 ..
Lexwin, installing over Lexifile, upgrade
Lexwin: 1999-2002, changes
LEXWIN: version 1.03.59 
Library automation
Library hours
Lists, change in use of
Log file, circulation
Lost and missing item database
Mail group access
MARC database of lost and missing items. 
MARC fields in DISPLAY
MARC record input/import in DOS Lexifile 
MARC Record Input/Import 
MARC tags
MARC tags, search by 
Margins and labels 
Multiple append copies, making 
Network configuration of Lexwin
New database creation 
Notice change, overdues
Open new database
Ordering Barcodes vs. Printing Them 
Overdue notice change
OWL52f.dll missing after updating
Pack with changes, patron data
Pack with global changes 
Pack, Pre-inventory
Packing empty database, Lexifile old versions. 
Packing globally and circ files, etc.
Paste, Lexwin
Patron checkout history (log)
Patron data input-import 
Patron data, import from other programs
Patron file Import/input 
Patron list, print 
Patron record removal 
Patrons, removing patrons with existing transactions
Payment of fines
Periodical Circulation
Permission denied when trying to write file 
Philosophy of Lex
Pre-Inventory Pack
Print crashes, circulation reports printer chosen
Print documentation for Lexwin .
Print list of duplicates 
Print patron list 
Printing barcodes
Printing barcodes
Printing barcodes from Lexwin 
Printing labels, editing indicators
Printing labels--right kind of labels 
Printing overdue notices, failure
Printing subject index
Printing subject index
Printing subject Lists
Printing using Lexwin 
Program download
Properties, database 
Publication date summary for collection
Receipts, records
Record id 001 and transaction fields 005, handling
Record of receipts, Lexwin 
Records are missing, strange
Records vanishing, apparent
Records without barcodes; field specific searches 
Records, eliminate category of records
Records, removing
REM and APP files
Removed items, item not out message for 
Removed or appended records, backup
Removing patron records 
Removing patrons with existing transactions
Removing records .
Removing records permanently .
Retrospective Conversion 
Save / Export 
Save to various destination (target) files
Save/export command to breakout database sections 
Screensaver and index update in Lexifile 
Search by MARC tags, 
Searching for records without barcodes; field specific searches 
Searching help archives 
Series sort 
Smart barcoding vs. dumb
Sort by series 
Start Menu Icon for Lexwin or Lexifile 
Subject index, printing
Subject index, printing
Subject list, printing
Support for free program, Lexifile
System command, troubleshooting use 
System Report (detailed), troubleshooting use 
Tags, MARC
Title field,  parts of, (245)
Transaction date-time 005 field
Transactions not found, circulation, Lexifile old versions.
Transfer record to other database
Troubleshooting: "unable to open" message 
Troubleshooting: can't find recent edited records 
Troubleshooting: Database changed, records are missing, strange
Troubleshooting: Database Disappearance
Unable to open message, troubleshooting
Unable to write to alternate database 
Unable to write to alternate file, or unable to write to nbk.fil 
Unable to write to index file
Undo in Lexwin CIRC
Unnecessary filenames, deleting in Lex
Unsubscribing to Lex1 group
Update indexes and screensaver in Lexifile 
Updating from Lexifile to Lexwin
Upgrade program on the web
Upgrading to Lexwin from Lexifile
US pricing changed 
Users guide, Lexwin
Using Lexwin to access your computer documents, images, etc.
Word processor edit of database