LEX Systems Inc.

LexWin Download and Install (  This provides a completely free library automation system. With a service contract you can auto-load your data to the web free as well. Sample databases will not overwrite existing files.

**NOTE: Download instructions (using Google Chrome)** have been provided with this link. Saving the file lwup.exe will enable you to run it later as administrator, and provide access to users with different logins. Approve the downloaded program to run should you receive firewall or antivirus messages by selecting options like "about" or "more information" on the warning screen. Make your own menu and desktop shortcuts by locating the file "lexwin.exe" and using your right mouse button to place icons on your desktop, taskbar, or start menu.

For help with operating the Lexwin system see the file Lexwin.txt

Check out LexWeb loaded with approimately 44,000 Project Gutenburg records, and read classic books for free on your computer devices